It’s the End of the Year. Where Has All the Content Marketing Time Gone?

If you’re somehow involved in content creation for your business, what has been your biggest challenge this year? Has it been finding the time to blog and “do” social media? Have you been concerned about the quality of the stuff you’re putting out? How about getting clear on the content creation process itself?

If any of the above apply to you, it turns out you’re not alone. Content creation platform ClearVoice just released the results of their survey of 1,000 marketers from across the U.S asking them about the content marketing problems that have been plaguing them.

By far, the top problem that marketers have had in this area was time. That’s not just time to create the content, but time to curate, time to implement various ideas, finding time to research, and timing the release of their content.

Respondents also used the phrase “creating it” quite a lot, which suggests a general lack of direction as to where to start and how to proceed. No doubt this lack of content creating know-how has lead to a whole lot of time slipping by and not a lot getting done (sound familiar at all?)

If this has been your story in 2017, the best course of action in 2018 is to get clear on your content strategy. Fortunately, I’ve created an easy-to-follow plan for creating your business content strategy. Read that blog post here. Seriously, a child could do it (in fact, you could even recruit your tech-savvy ten-year-old nephew to help out if you want). Being clear on your content strategy, which includes having a solid “why” for why you bother with content marketing at all, will reduce the amount of time you waste spinning your wheels and doing the work.

Read more and get the full report from ClearVoice. If creating, curating, and sharing content is truly a problem for you, luckily I have a special offer for those who want to turn their blog into a solid lead magnet in 2018. It’s only available to my blog readers and LinkedIn followers until the end of the year. Click here to learn more.


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