Hiring a Ghostblogger: What Exactly Am I Paying For?

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During my time as a ghostblogger, I’ve noticed a trend among decision makers who need to hire someone for this type of work: they seem to believe that they’re paying the writer for the words and nothing else.

Crazy, right?

Yet it’s true. So many business owners fail to take into account just what it takes to produce content for their web properties and clients. Not only that, but they seem to not have the whole picture when it comes to what blogging is actually doing for them and their company.

Now I don’t blame the business owner entirely. Many freelance bloggers fall into the trap of arbitrarily setting a per word rate for their blogging services, without taking into account the time they’ll spend researching, interviewing, proofreading, and creating multiple drafts before handing over the finished product to the client.

First of all, you’ve likely seen plenty of evidence, firsthand or otherwise, that investing in your blog is well worth the time and resources (or else you probably wouldn’t be here). But just in case you need reminding, here are a few convincing stats that should get you shelling out those blogging dollars:

  • 53% of marketers say that blogging is their top content marketing priority. (Hubspot)
  • 75% of B2B marketers use blogs in their social media posts, as compared to 61% of B2C companies (so if you’re in B2B, depending on your industry, your competition is very likely blogging). (Social Media Examiner)
  • Websites with blogs tend to have 434% more pages indexed by Google (which means they’re easier to find online by potential customers) (TechClient)
  • One Hubspot survey found that 47% of buyers viewed 3 to 5 pieces of marketing content before contacting a sales representative. (Source)

    Ghostbloggers Save You Time

So hopefully you see that blogging for your business is quite the worthwhile investment these days. The problem is that blogging is often time consuming. The time that you spend creating content, publishing it, and sharing it to your social media platforms could also be spent performing tasks that you’d actually prefer to be doing. When you hire a ghostblogger, you hand over all of your blogging needs to someone very capable of handling it with minimal supervision.

Ghostbloggers Jump Over the Learning Curve

There’s a ton of information online on how to build a successful blog. It seems like everyone from Entrepreneur to your best friend’s uncle has advice on how to go about it. But why not bypass all that cumbersome learning and turn it over to an expert? An experienced ghostblogger not only knows has plenty of blogging experience, but they also stay on top of the ever-changing trends in content marketing, SEO, and general blogging best practices to keep your blog relevant.

Ghostbloggers Say the Stuff You Struggle With

Let’s face it: written communication isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you fall into this category, then you know just how valuable it is to have someone on your team who excels at this type of thing. Even small mistakes like typos, bad grammar, and unclear sentences will drive a reader away faster than you can say spellcheck.┬áTurning off your readers means turning off potential customers, and undermining your authority online.

Tweet: Turning off your readers means turning off potential customers, and undermining your authority online.

A great ghostblogger not only writes with clarity, but knows how to communicate with diverse audiences. Blogging for C-Level executives sounds different than blogging for stay-at-home moms. A pro can adapt their writing style to suit your brand’s voice and sound engaging to the reader.

Ghostbloggers Know How To Sell

While inbound marketing takes an alternative approach to disruptive marketing tactics, there’s still selling involved. The point of business blogging is to not only to establish authority in the field, but also to convince the reader that you’re the best business in the field to buy from.

If marketing and sales makes you a bit queasy, then hiring an experienced ghostblogger who knows all about persuasive writing, calls to action, and social selling might be just what the doctor ordered. They know how to strike that delicate balance between informing and engaging the reader and asking for the sell.

So the next time you’re ready to work with a ghostblogger to transform your blog into one that brings in sales and establishes your business authority, remember that you’re paying for more than just words. You’re paying for results! And getting results is really what biz blogging is all about.

Are you looking for an experienced blogger to provide you with awesome content? I’m available for new projects, so contact me today about your needs!


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